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"One must lie in the bed one has made"

Gregory Hojem Sanders
7 May 1975
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This is a roleplay journal for csigirls_heaven. Neither myself, or csigirls_heaven owns the right to this character, or to the actor Eric Szmanda. No monetary gain is made from this journal.

csigirls_heaven Biography.

Greg works on the day shift, under his friend and supervisor Sara Curtis (formally Sidle, until Sofia snared her!) His best friend is his ex Sofia, and he is god-father to their son, Aiden James Curtis.

He likes to hang out with Sofia, spend time with Aiden, play video games and go running. He's currently champion amongst his friends at PS3 Football. Even though Sofia claims to have let him won, and Warrick blamed cramp for his finale loss.

Most importantly? He likes hanging out with his girlfriend, Calleigh. Calleigh has just moved from Miami, and works nights. So time between them is scarce, but amazing nontheless

Dagny!Verse Greg is currently dating reluctantdagny and couldn't be happier. He has spent time in New York with her, whilst she has spent time in Vegas with him. It's long distance, and hard, but he's fallen pretty hard, pretty fast.

All other rp? I play him pretty much canon. He's CSI Level 3. Single - and looking!

You want to know more? Okay.
* Greg didn't lose his virginity until he was 22.
* He enjoys expensive coffee (Blue Hawaiian) "40 bucks a pound."
* His Ringtone is "Feel Like Makin' Love" .
* Listens to Marilyn Manson. (It helps him concentrate)
* Is the only child of a woman who wanted four kids.
* Was the captain of the chess team in high school.
* Likes expensive cars, but owns a pretty beat up truck
* Wants to test drive a Ferrari Testarossa.
* Was an Eagle Scout.
* Is of Norwegian descent, hence the middle name Hojem
* Owns a coin collection.
* Is very close to his maternal grandparents, Papa and Nana Olaf.
* Believes he may have inherited psychic abilities from Nana Olaf who is psychic herself.
* likes having a penis.
* Owns Dreamcast, PS2 and PS3. He also plays games online, on occasion
* Likes Merlot & rack of lamb. Also likes Salmon
* Once lived in New York.
* Knows how to make an Origami crane.
* Has perfect eyesight.
* Has read The Tell-Tale Heart by: Edgar Allan Poe. He only likes the classics when they're about dismembered bodies.
* Doesn't have any allergies.
* Sometimes goes diving
* Considers himself open-minded when it comes to relationships, but isn't into casual sex.